Greetings! I'm Marc, a multi-dimensional artist with proficiency not only in 3D but also in the world of 2D. I embody a passionate and unwavering dedication to my craft, persistently chasing my dreams in the realm of art. My fascination with the art world was ignited during my formative years, sparking a consistent urge to create whenever the opportunity arose.
Within the digital canvas of this website, I proudly present a curated collection of my finest creations, serving as a living testament to my artistic evolution. Your visit here is genuinely appreciated, and I wish you a wonderful day ahead!
Cinema 4D, Blender, Adobe Creative suite, Plugins for 3d and 2d
Render Engines:
Octane, Redshift, Cycles
Skillset in 3d
Modeling, Animation, Texturing, Lighting, Post-Processing
Skillset in 2d
Illustration, Animation, Camera Tracking, Compositing, Post-Processing
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